Oh Lord, I can’t even.

I didn’t  sleep well last night because I knew I needed to be up at the butt crack of dawn to go to my first day of work. Which deserves a blog of its own, trust me. Things that have been seen cannot be unseen, and my OCD tendencies are going into hyperdrive right now at the prospect of a typical day at the place of my employment, which shall be called “The Retail Monster That Must Not be Named”  from this day forward. Better yet, let’s just go ahead and call it Voldemort, shall we? Because anonymity assures my ass not being fired if I say anything derogatory.  Not that I’m going to, because after only one day, I certainly cannot form an opinion. Except that many close family members make their bread and butter there too, and so I cannot be expected to be totally objective. I’m just covering all my bases, okay?

So yeah. I’m fried tonight, but I did manage to pull out some more poetry, which I feel the need to publish here for prosperity.  Or in case my tablet dies or Facebook somehow goes tits-up because Zuckerberg realizes that Jesse Eisenberg was The Worst Lex Luthor Ever and, since they look alike and Jesse Eisenberg did, in fact play Zuckerberg in The Social Network, he decides to eschew social media and move to a private, desert island to avoid the comparisons that will undoubtedly be made. I’m rambling with exhaustion now, and Leo Thomas McGarry Kitten


has decided that I am not allowed to type anymore. And with that face looking at me, why would I even want to?



Sweet dreams to all. And to all a good night.



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