Cue the ominous music.

This is the widely-used, popular term that describes the current social and political climate that has overtaken the USA. 

America. A country founded on the desire to have religious and personal freedoms. To build, with one’s bare hands, a home and a life and a legacy from the ground to the foundation to the structure and to fill it with hard-earned objects. To worship one’s own God with other like-minded people. To be free of tyranny and suppression and the helplessness of watching in both fury and frustration while the rich aristocracy got richer and the poor grew poorer.

America. There is a certain irony that this country, for hundreds of years, based its very foundation on the ideology of welcoming anyone to realize his/her personal dreams. Yes, we became the world’s giant “melting pot”, and yet our founding fathers hunted and tortured and killed this land’s native people. Then they captured or corralled up other cultures and told them, “Yes, you are in America, but no, you are NOT free like us. Now go plant my crops and clean my house and be sure to tell your daughter/sister/mother/wife that I’ll be stopping by the cabin tonight to  grab her pussy. Maybe she’ll get pregnant and add to my stock of slaves.” 

Crude? Maybe. But true? Definitely. 

We haven’t changed, you know. Just look back, through our country’s colorful history. I tend to believe that it isn’t so much an American problem as it is a  human one. Humans have been cruel and short-sighted and narcissistic since day one. Christian? Believe, word for word, what the Bible says? That book is the single-most magnificently written work of horror that ever existed. Stephen King wishes he could craft a tale of stark terror as good. Every awful, horrific, depraved thing that could ever happen to human beings occurs in that book. And we base a religion upon it. 

No, we haven’t changed. We began as single-celled organisms and crawled through the mud to become crude, clumsy animals who stood on two legs and evolved into the creatures we are now. Are we really any better than those first naked, hairy people? I don’t think so. Because cruelty and prejudice and bigotry and racism have all existed since the first human cast the first stone of hatred. We speak of moral codes and doing things the way “they” did “back in the day” and certainly, humans may have evolved from disorganized, barbaric heathens into civilized, mannerly societies, but really….take a look at the current atmosphere in America right now. Tell me we’ve come a long way. 

Technically, we have. Somewhere along the line, however, we looped back upon ourselves. I once sat through 2 hours of a movie called Idiocracy. When it was over, I thought to myself, “Well, that’s 120 minutes of my life that I can never get back.” People could never be that stupid, right? Haha, very funny, motherfucker, but the human race won’t ever be that moronic.

In lines taken from my favorite movie of all time, this is what I think about that now:

Quint: I don’t know Chief, he’s very smart or very dumb. He’s gone under the boat! HE’S A BIG SMART FISH, HE’S GONE UNDER THE BOAT!! 

Yep. ‘Murica has “gone under the boat”. Last night’s Presidential Debate, the second in a series of 3 between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, was proof positive. Who is the very smart or very dumb fish? Is it either one of the candidates? Nope. I don’t think so. I like to think of them as the chum in the waters. ‘Murica is the fish. And ‘Murica has gone under the boat, and is attempting to tear it asunder and sink it to the depths. With every thrash, every gnash of teeth, the boat becomes more crippled. The engine is sputtering and throwing off black smoke and the water is leaking in. In this analogy, the shark has already attacked and brought the Captain to the depths. ( Yes, Bernie supporters, I’m comparing him to Quint.) If my analogy were truly fool-proof, Trump and Clinton would be our Chief Brody and Matt Hooper. 

Except they aren’t. They. SO. Are. Not. And what we desperately need  in order to stop ‘Murica from destroying the boat is Brody and Hooper. The hatred, the division between people who called themselves friends or family before this election, has its roots in the preceding 4 presidential races, when ‘Murica was being roused from its home in the depths of the sea of humankind and the bottom feeders, the plankton, were whispering in its ear that it must rise in order to live. And it is ravenous with hunger and it needs to feed and it loves the taste of humanity. (Which, incidentally, tastes like chicken.) We need to stop it, halt the prejudice and bigotry and racism and hatred and misogyny that leaks from its pores and taints the waters black with its poison. We can come back from this, but only if we kill the shark. Unfortunately, Roy Scheider is dead and Richard Dreyfuss is old and portly and tends to make his living these days portraying the bottom feeders who whisper in the big fish’s ear.

BATMAN. Where are you? Gotham needs you! Save us from ourselves! 

You’re gonna need a bigger boat.