A shamelessly political blog because we are a country without shame.

Facebook is a massive pain in the ass with all its idiosyncrasies. We all feel that sense of frustration every day, I think.

Sometimes, though? Facebook gives me just what I need. The Facebook Memories posts can be happiness-inducing, and they can be painful. The one I got today was illuminating.

Here I go, saying what’s on my mind. Facebook asked, and tonight, I will answer.

I am, first and foremost, a human being. I have thoughts, feelings, insecurities, moments of great pride and moments of disappointment. I bleed red blood. I cry salty tears. I poop. I sometimes pee a little when I laugh very hard. I’m blessed with intelligence and an articulate way of putting things, even though there are times when my grammar is generously peppered with obscenities. I am human. It’s what I do.

I am, secondly, an American woman. (Mama, let me be..see….errr, wait) I am proud to be American, and prouder still of what women have accomplished in this country. The blood, sweat, and tears of many women who came before us paved the way for the human rights we enjoy today.

I have compassion, empathy, and I understand that not everyone is the same as me. Not everyone agrees with or has the same opinions and beliefs as me. And guess what? That’s okay. I understand how hard it was for those who came before us to secure the rights we, as Americans, have today.

I didn’t suffer as an American over the last 8 years. I believe President Obama to be a brilliant, kind, eloquent, and yes, forgiving man and leader. I was never more proud of my right to be an American and to cast a vote as I was the first time I voted for him.

Except maybe when I voted for Hillary Clinton last November.

A lot of people will ask, “Why? Because she’s a woman?” No. That did not register at all with me, because in my opinion, she’s got bigger balls than much of the male population in DC. I was proud because I was allowed to vote my own mind. Not my conscience; those are two entirely different entities within this body. My choice was not popular amongst many of the people I interact with this very depressed, very Republican part of Pennsylvania. When asked why they were voting for Trump, I was told, on more than one occasion, “He’s better than Hillary.” No one gave a shit about his vague policy declarations and his lack of any moral ethics. “Grab them by the pussy” was met with laughter and “So what?” No one had any sort of answer when asked, “What if that was your daughter, your wife, your sister?” He was just “talking”. They laughed at his crude mimicry of a disabled reporter. He didn’t mean it LIKE THAT, they said. Like what? I asked – me, the sister of a mentally handicapped man who makes some similar motions when agitated. He was just joking, they said.

Um, please.

I don’t want a president who is so thin-skinned that he tweets insults in the middle of the night. I don’t want a president who doesn’t realize that the health insurance that he LIKES – The Affordable Care Act – is, in fact, the same Obamacare that he is vowing to abolish. I don’t want a president who has declared bankruptcy so many times that there ought to be an amendment to the word – like Obamacare. It should be called “Declaring a Trump”. I don’t want a president so devoid of a sense of personal responsibility that he takes for granted the awesome job he now has in front of him. It is time to be serious, and he is anything but. Even those who voted for him – many of them – are now saying, “Well, we had two shitty choices.” Maybe we did, but don’t you DARE vilify me for making as “shitty” a choice as you did. You do not get to do that just because, in your words, you won. Nobody won. Nobody.

Guess what, though? He’s what we got. I don’t have to like it. I don’t have to keep my mouth shut about it either. I get to say, with all seriousness, that those who call me and “my kind” liberals and snowflakes and whatever else derogatory that they can muster, well, they all can fuck right the fuck off, fucking hypocrites that they are, because this is America, and while they’re on their high and mighty “We won so nah bah bah boo boo” horse, I’m still wishing for a country united, a Congress working together and for the good of the people, and for human kindness and compassion to come back into vogue. I get to do that, so fuck you.

He’s what we got. I respect the Office of the President. I have respect for any man or woman who hears a higher calling and answers because that takes a lot of courage and an infallible belief in oneself.

I do not like the man. I do not have to. I do want to see this country mend itself. I don’t think he’s the one to do it. At this point, I don’t really know who IS up to the task. What this election did was expose the passive-aggressive relationship we have with racism and intolerance. It brought these things screaming to the forefront. As far as we thought we had come, we found out that we had not. Everyone is old and cranky and wants you off their lawn. Out of the country if you aren’t the same. Let’s build huge walls and keep all outsiders as far away as possible. Welcome to Panem. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Tomorrow begins a new era. And for fuck’s sake, don’t you think that I’d like to see this country regain the greatness we saw in past times of great tests of strength, integrity, valor? This IS one of those times. And God or Satan or whoever the hell is in charge of this mess help us…..he’s what we got to lead us.

As always, dissenters have every right to disagree. On your own page. My page, my rules, my opinions. I don’t disagree or protest your fervent memes and accolades crowing about how much you like the guy. Your page, your right. I do not invite your discussion here, though. This is America, and we get to disagree. You are my friend for a reason. Let’s keep it that way.

God bless America.”

Two years down the road of the Trump Presidency has shown me one thing: I was fucking right on this day, two years ago.

Have we “Made America Great Again”? Are we “winning”?

We are not.

And I knew what was coming. The sad thing is, I truly hoped for better. I didn’t want the fucker to fail, because if he failed, he failed us all. We’d suffer for his failures. The myopic base of his argues that he’s doing wonderful things. I argue that he has sown more hatred and dissension in this country than any other elected official we’ve had. Where we are today isn’t wonderful.

The only thing I can say about January 19, 2017, is that she didn’t think it would be as bad as it has gotten.

Come on, people. We need to fix this mess.

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